FIRST Steps Rifle - AR 15                       


FIRST stands for “Firearm Instruction, Responsibility and Safety Training”, a program the NRA developed to meet the need for a firearms orientation program for new gun purchasers.   This FIRST Steps program is the basic courses abbreviated to the most basic shooting skills and the specifics of a particular model of rifle . . . the AR 15.


This course, because of its narrow focus, can be completed in three - four hours.  Students will get the NRA's The Basics of Rifle Shooting handbook and quick practical lessons on the safe handling, use, cleaning, and storage of their rifle.   The practical exercise teaches only a single firing position. 

Course Goal

“To provide beginning shooters with an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use an AR 15 rifle safely.”


  —NRA FIRST Steps Rifle Orientation Lesson Plans: 

   • Introduction to Rifle Safety, Parts, and Operation

   • Introduction to Ammunition and the Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting

   • Introduction to Rifle Shooting from the benchrest position

   • Introduction to Rifle Cleaning, Storage, and Training Opportunities



There are no prerequisites for taking this course and the material is accessible to appropriately supervised mature children.


Course Completion

Students will receive feedback on the live-fire exercise and a course certificate upon successful completion of the lessons.  Successful completion of this course fulfills the requirements of the State of Florida concealed weapons application process.


It’s time to eliminate the misconception that AR stands for assault rifle, and tell the world what AR really stands for: America’s Rifle.

The popularity of ARs over the past few years continues to rise. Millions of gun owners have purchased ARs for recreational shooting as well as for home defense. 

The NRA FIRST Steps Rifle – AR-15 is designed to introduce the new AR-15 owner to the safe handling, operation, use, cleaning and storage of their firearm. 

This class is geared toward the AR-15 firearm owner or anyone wanting to learn how to use the AR-15 platform safely, effectively and reliably. You must own or borrow an AR-15 rifle to take this class.

Course Objectives:

A basic understanding and operations of the AR-15 rifle.

You will learn how to perform basic maintenance on the AR-15 rifle.

This course is a confidence builder in addition to providing the student with the ability to learn how to incorporate the AR-15 platform in conjunction with a home defense plan through simple drills and practice.


This is an intro course; the goal isn’t to train you for combat or competition. The goal is to provide the student with the information and skills needed to work the AR-15 platform, keep it working and do it well. The AR-15 platform is a tool. Use it in conjunction with a home defense plan effectively or as another “tool” option.

Required Equipment:

   1       -  AR-15 of any brand

   2       -  magazines (20 or 30 rounders’)

   50     -  rounds  - Preferably 5.56/.223/.308 caliber preferred but not required  (.22 LR will be allowed)

   1 set  - hearing protection
   1       -   eye protection