Frequently Asked Questions:                   

 1.  I want to apply for a Florida concealed weapons carry permit.  What  training do I need and do In-Gauge's firearms training courses meet the  requirement for the Florida CCW application?

                      Those are both good questions.  

                      First, you need training that is recognized by the

                      State of Florida.

                             Second, all official NRA and In-Gauge of Polk County's

                      firearms training courses exceed

                      Florida's CCW firearms training requirement and is 

                      recognized by the State of Florida under SS 790.06(1.h.2).

                      Our  4 - 5 hour Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course is the

                      shortest firearms training course that fulfills Florida's CCW

                      firearms training requirement. * The Basic Handgun / CCW

                      101 course is NOT an official NRA firearm course.

2.    Does In-Gauge of Polk County's  Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course meet the training requirements for the Florida Concealed Carry Weapons permit training? 


Yes.  All of In-Gauge of Polk County's firearms training courses exceed the training requirement for applying for Florida’s concealed carry weapons permit.  * The Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course is NOT an official NRA firearm course.


      3.     What is the difference between a “concealed carry weapons (CCW)

      course” and an NRA firearms course? 


In the state of Florida, a “concealed carry weapons (CCW) course” can be developed and taught by any current or retired law enforcement officer or licensed security guard instructor.   Each individual course-of-instruction is/can be developed by its instructor.  There is no standard nor is the certificate of completion recognized by any other state outside of Florida. 


Every official NRA (National Rifle Association) firearms training course is standardized and recognized in all 50 states.  All official NRA firearms courses are taught only by certified NRA instructors, to the standards established by the National Rifle Association.  


Just because a “concealed carry weapons (CCW) course” is conducted by a “certified” NRA instructor does NOT make the course an official NRA firearms training course.

4.   Why should I take a NRA firearms training class rather than a

      “concealed weapons” class to apply for my Florida concealed carry

      weapons permit?

# 1 - All official NRA firearms training classes are taught 

by NRA certified firearms instructors. 


# 2 - All official NRA firearms training is standardized 

and recognized nationally.   The NRA training you 

receive in Florida is the same NRA training you 

would receive in Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas or 



# 3 - Upon successful completion of a NRA firearms 

training course you are presented with an official, 

nationally recognized NRA training certificate.

5.  What is In-Gauge of Polk County's  Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course? 


In-Gauge of Polk County's Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course is a handgun orientation course designed to teach the beginning pistol/handgun shooter the basic fundamentals of pistol/handgun safety, handling and shooting.  


6.     What is the difference between the In-Gauge of Polk County's Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course and the NRA Defensive Pistol Course? 


That is a good question. 


In-Gauge of Polk County's Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course is a handgun orientation course designed to teach the beginning pistol/handgun shooter the basic fundamentals of pistol/handgun safety, handling and shooting.   Instruction is focused on one type of handgun, i.e., revolver, semi-auto, single action, double action.  The primary handgun the user/student will use.   The length of the course is 4 ½ - 5 hours.   (4 1/2 hours classroom, 1/2 hour live-fire range time - - The student will fire 50-100 rounds of ammunition)  

The NRA Defensive Course encompasses everything taught in the Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course, adding the defensive use of the handgun.   The participant will be presented with the levels of mental awareness, the defensive mindset for using lethal force, the selection of the proper defensive caliber handgun and holster.  The participant will also be put through on-range, live-fire exercises of selecting and firing from behind cover, confronting multiple assailants, on-range loading and reloading and safely moving with a loaded firearm.  The length of the NRA Defensive Pistol Course is 8 – 10 hours, depending upon the number of students and range conditions. (Participants may fire up to 200 rounds of ammunition on the range.

    7.   If I complete the In-Gauge of Polk County's Basic Handgun / 

          CCW 101, will I have to take another concealed carry weapons course

         in order to apply for a Florida  CCW permit?  


                No.  Successful completion of the Basic Handgun / CCW 101

                 course is all the training that is required to apply for the

                State of Florida CCW permit. 



    8.   Is the In-Gauge of Polk County's Basic Handgun / CCW 101

          course honored outside the state of Florida?  


                That would have to be determined by the state in which you

                are attempting licensing.   There is no way of knowing the

                CCW permitting laws in all 50 states.  Some states have

                stricter training requirements.  If the Florida CCW permit is

                recognized (reciprocity) in another state,  then your training

                received to acquire your Florida CCW permit is valid also.

    9.   What is the minimum age requirement for the In-Gauge of Polk

          County's Basic Handgun / CCW 101course?


                That is another good question.

                There is no minimum age requirement to take either the

                Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course or any NRA

                firearms training courses.   However, participation is at    

                the discretion of the instructor.   The participant /student

                must be mentally and physically mature enough to comprehend

                the course material and be able to safely handle the firearm. 



   10.   Do I need my own handgun to take the Basic Handgun / CCW 101

           training course?


                       It is preferred, but not required.

                       Please see the answer to Question 3.

                       If you do not own a handgun, one can be provided for you,    

                       at an additional charge.

              The Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course is an orientation


              It  is HIGHLY recommended that you do not buy a gun in order   

              to take the course.   Most people you purchase a gun prior to

              taking the Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course regrettably

              discover  they made a wrong purchase.  Do NOT make a

              $350 - $700 mistake.   Take the course, then buy your first




   11.    What equipment do I need for the Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course? 


         *   Your own personal handgun is preferred.  If not, see the answer   

              to the question above.   

         *   Ammunition for your handgun.  50 – 100 rounds (1 – 2 boxes)

         *   Personal hearing protection.  Price range:   $1.50 - $75

         *   Personal eye protection.  Eye glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses.   

                    Price range:  $3.50 - $12.00


   12.    How much will it cost me to take the Basic Handgun / CCW 

            101 course? 


        The basic cost of the course, plus:

                1.   Ammunition

                2.   Hearing protection

                3.   Eye protection


   13.   What documentation do I receive after completing the Basic Handgun /

           CCW 101 course?  


        After completing the Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course you will

        receive an official training certificate (suitable for framing) that can

        be submitted, along with your completed application, for your   

        Florida CCW permit. 



   14.  What do I get for my money when I take the Basic Handgun /

           CCW 101 course?   


        # 1 -  When you take the Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course

                  you receive the highest quality firearms training available



        # 2 -  The Basic Handgun / CCW 101 course includes personalized, 

                 hands-on, live-fire range training.


        # 3 -  Upon successful completion of your training, you   

                 receive an official certificate of training.

        # 4 -  Successful completion of the Basic Handgun / CCW 

                  101 course qualifies you for the advanced NRA pistol                               training offered by In-Gauge of Polk County, to include:

                  Defensive Pistol, Personal Protection Outside The Home, 

                  and Personal Protection In The Home.