• All FireStorm firearms training is no-pressure, civilian oriented. 
  • Classes are taught only by NRA certified firearms instructors in a friendly, no-pressure atmosphere.   There are no military or law enforcement style tactics used. 
  • FireStorm instructors dress in official NRA civilian clothing.  There are no intimidating military style combat uniforms. 
  • In the classroom or at the range, FireStorm instruction is conducted in a light, friendly, environment without intimidation or coercion.

FireStorm provides NRA certified firearms training.

FireStorm provides quality firearms training in the use and safety of the pistol/handgun, rifle and shotgun.  Other courses offered include the NRA's PERSONAL PROTECTION IN THE HOME and PERSONAL PROTECTION OUTSIDE THE HOME

and the new NRA  DEFENSIVE PISTOL.   (See further information below or on our web site at:  NRA DEFENSIVE PISTOL under Course Descriptions.

FireStorm specializes in youth training, senior citizen training, social and community group training.

All firearms instruction meets and exceeds the State of Florida's training requirement for the State's concealed carry weapons application process.

Firearms safety is FireStorm's paramount focus.

 - NEW -

The NRA's new



          Training Course

The NRA's new DEFENSIVE PISTOL training course is a true concealed carry training course.

ready for the NRA BLENDED Learning Pistol Course.

In 2016 the NRA will introduce the "BLENDED LEARNING" Basic Pistol course.   The "BLENDED LEARNING" course encompasses online instruction with physical one-on-one instructor training and live-fire range evaluation.

FireStorm is ready when the "BLENDED LEARNING" course goes online.

Click HERE to schedule your live-fire range evaluation.

Looking for handgun/firearm training that meets Florida's concealed carry weapons permit training requirement?

All In-Gauage of Polk County's firearms training courses, under the direction of FireStormexceed Florida's CCW permit training requirement.  F.S. 790.06

The NRA's new  DEFENSIVE PISTOL   course is a true concealed carry training course that FAR exceeds the State of Florida's requirement for concealed carry permit application.

Course Description:

The NRA Defensive Pistol Course is conducted by a select group of NRA Advanced Pistol Instructors. The training is objective based and will focus on the development of a defensive mindset. The goal of the course will be to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly, and with confidence. The course is a follow-on course to the NRA Basic Pistol or FIRST Steps Pistol Shooting Course. Upon successful completion of this training, students should know and be able to demonstrate a number of defensive pistol techniques and shoot a timed qualification course of fire.

It is nothing like any of the other NRA pistol classes.

NOW available:                                                                                                                       The NRA's new DEFENSIVE PISTOL             
Also available:                                                                                                             PERSONAL PROTECTION IN THE HOME                                                             

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